Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs, CO

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in a Relaxed Setting

Oral SurgeonYour third molars are typically referred to as your wisdom teeth. Patients in the 16-20 age range tend to grow these teeth on either side of the jaw. Often, our jaws are not large enough to accommodate these extra teeth, so they tend to shift the rest of the mouth out of alignment or cause other problems.

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure.

Why Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to be Taken Out?

Wisdom teeth have a tendency to grow improperly in the mouth. Often, they are completely buried, or only partially exposed from under the gums. In other cases, the teeth grow in a crooked fashion. These less-than-ideal tooth situations can lead to a host of issues such as pain, stiffness, swelling, and illness. If the new teeth are improperly positioned while growing in, you run the risk of having your other teeth pushed out of alignment.

For the reasons listed above, dental professionals recommend extracting wisdom teeth as early as possible to avoid serious complications down the road.

Choosing an Oral Surgeon in Colorado Springs

South Springs Dental Group boasts a team of experienced dental professionals with a variety of specialists in one location. Our staff includes an oral surgeon a periodontist, an endodontist, and an orthodontist. Our practice is your one-stop shop for dental needs for the whole family! The most common oral surgery procedures are wisdom teeth removal or implants, but we offer a variety of other services such as jaw surgery, TMJ treatment, oral pathology, tooth extraction and more.

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