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Do You Need to Replace Your Dentures?

DenturesOur mouths are always changing, so it’s normal to need a replacement set of dentures every 3-8 years; however, this varies from patient to patient. If your dentures are feeling uncomfortable, you should seek the advice of a dental professional. Your dentist will be able to determine whether or not it’s time for you to replace your dentures.

New to Dentures?

Dentures are a good option for people missing teeth. Unlike cosmetic options such as  bridges and implants, dentures offer the flexibility of allowing patients to remove them. Dentures also tend to be a more cost-effective solution to missing teeth, especially for patients who are missing more than one tooth. Dentures are also safe and comfortable.

Complete Dentures

Full DenturesIf you are missing both you upper and lower sets of teeth, a complete set of dentures may be the solution you’re looking for. Dentures stay in place using suction. If you choose dentures as your cosmetic solution, you will need to make routine trips to the dentist to ensure they fit properly.

Partial Dentures

Removable Partial DenturesSome patients who are not missing all of their teeth opt for partial dentures. These are single pieces that are supported in your mouth by your natural teeth and gums.



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