Michele Santi
00:43 20 Sep 22
Holly Rysewyk
21:19 15 Sep 22
Wendy Nelson
19:09 12 Sep 22
A quality experience with lots of gentle personal attention and care…They took the time to answer All my questions…Just the kind of practice I was looking for!
Rynneshia Stowes
17:26 01 Sep 22
Tommy Exline
21:36 22 Aug 22
Excellent service and friendly staff!
A Glenn
18:27 22 Aug 22
Sami my hygienist was very kind, Receptionist Yemi (my apologies if I spelled name incorrectly) was extremely knowledgeable and fair when it came to payments. Dr Keen is one of my favorite dentist. Thanks team.
Teresa D. Ayres
23:13 18 Aug 22
I am very appreciative of the gentle care and concern all of the staff show me at South Springs Dental Group. I have chosen the correct dental office!
Angela Carney
00:09 10 Aug 22
Had my first visit today. AMAZING DENTIST & STAFF!!! Went above & beyond to help me with my insurance, make me feel comfortable & welcomed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟💯❗️ I will definitely be going back! 🦷
Suzanne Hembrre
23:45 09 Aug 22
Super people and Dr.
02:00 03 Aug 22
Great team!
Ryan Sullivan
21:40 28 Jul 22
Randy Foster
19:43 27 Jul 22
Isabella Wells
22:52 14 Jul 22
Buddy Peach
01:03 13 Jul 22
Benjamin Word
16:33 11 Jul 22
Jason Sipma
23:12 07 Jul 22
Only have had my first visit so far for a quick exam. Pleasant dentist experience overall. Maybe it's because it was a Thursday afternoon, but it took me longer to fill out my paperwork than I had to wait which is always excellent in my book!
Wesley Downer
21:08 06 Jul 22
Very friendly staff. They were very understanding and helpful presenting my options to me. Will be going back for future treatment.
jessica thompson
18:27 05 Jul 22
21:42 01 Jul 22
Cynthia Reynolds
15:02 29 Jun 22
Alyx Collins
18:04 23 Jun 22
Sina None
02:53 17 Jun 22
She was awesome, thank you Jen for a great tooth Hygiene process 🙂
Merecedez Edmonds
16:05 15 Jun 22
Jane F Myers
19:53 14 Jun 22
Samantha Hendren
20:46 08 Jun 22
Fort Carson Families this is the Place for You!This is an updated review! Thank you so much for going above and beyond to take care of me.I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was very friendly and professional. My tech was amazing and noticed a lot of things about my teeth, X-rays and gums and asked questions about what I have been experiencing based on that. I felt very very comfortable and confident about my care. The dentist was very friendly and knowledgeable as well.They take Tricare and are less than 10 min from gate 1.I left my review from earlier below. I had a hard time getting in for my appointment. I don’t think this is the typical experience patients have here. When I reached out about my experience they responded quickly and went above and beyond to take care of me today.I am a new patient trying to book a 6 mo cleaning. I called in Feb this year (4 mo ago) and scheduled an appointment for over a month out as they were book. Due to the good reviews I was ok with this. THEN the week of my appointment I get a text that the tech is unavailable and that they cancelled my appointment and that I need to call them to reschedule. I do and I have to wait more than a month again. My appointment was supposed to be in two days. Today I get a text saying the tech is unavailable and they cancelled my appointment for this Thursday. I tried to call and no one answered so I left a voicemail.I have already arranged for paid child care for the appointment. This is extremely inconvenient for me. It has now been a whole year since my last cleaning due to the cancellations by this office.
Kailey Valliere
19:29 11 May 22
Everyone was very kind! They were able to get my tooth fixed the same day I went in to get it checked. Awesome service!
Stacey Hall
23:12 10 May 22
Dr. Keen is an amazing dentist. I am very particular about who I go see for my dental care. I moved out of the springs and found a different dentist closet to home, but they didn't meet my expectations so I came back to Dr. Keen. She and her staff are caring and want the best outcome for you and your teeth. Thanks Dr. Keen!!
Julie S
21:38 05 May 22
Terri Williams
19:17 04 May 22
I just want to thank you for letting me know everything that was going on with my teeth.
Malaizha Parker
16:08 27 Apr 22
Shawna Heck
15:13 26 Apr 22
Saylor Fontenot
20:46 21 Apr 22
Frank Lawler
19:00 21 Apr 22
A wonderful team of professionals that make going to the dentist as pleasurable an experience as possible. 😊
mark delay
23:03 07 Apr 22
My Family and I could not be happier with South Springs Dental. We had not been to see a dentist in years and they took great care of us. Everybody there is friendly and kind.
estefany zavala
17:04 07 Apr 22
Super friendly!!!!
Jasel Cantu
01:22 07 Apr 22
Sharon Tracer
19:49 30 Mar 22
Fixed my filling that was done on post in about 20 minutes and actually listened to me when I told them what was going on with my tooth. Can be busy but well worth the wait if you have too. Friendly and kind staff, excellent place!
Tyler Brown
16:47 28 Mar 22
Victoria Valdes
18:05 17 Mar 22
Extra fast and caring service during a dental emergency! I’m so grateful for the late night emergency line!
Jeffrey Yarbrough
00:32 15 Mar 22
Kimberly Koester
18:06 08 Mar 22
Rhasaani GordyG
16:33 08 Mar 22
Great service with detailed explaining as to what's going on or what needs to be done.
Courtnee’ Henderson
20:27 04 Mar 22
Thank goodness for South Springs Dental Group! I had some pain around my gums and I was able to schedule an appointment to be seen the same day! The doctor reassured me and offered a lot of great advice. Very friendly, helpful and professional staff!
patrick mctheny
01:51 02 Mar 22
S Moore
22:43 23 Feb 22
Look no further! I am so glad I picked this dental office while I was searching on google!Dr.Keen it’s amazing! She goes above and beyond making sure you’re okay and the procedure it’s done the way it’s supposed to, her staff it’s very professional and very welcoming always greeting with a smile ☺️ Thank you!!
Melanie Johnson
19:09 23 Feb 22
The staff was very friendly! They helped keep an eye on my kiddo since she had to come with me, and kept her laughing while I was being seen
Irene Warren
18:08 22 Feb 22
Highly recommend this place, everyone was welcoming and friendly! I appreciate how they took me in for a same day appointment because I was in so much pain the night prior. I feel much better after the problem was taken care of thanks to everyone here at South Springs Dental Group!
Brodie Gerrard-Gough
23:10 16 Feb 22
Scott Stapleton
20:27 16 Feb 22
Lisa Pecoraro
22:05 26 Jan 22
I am so happy that I picked South Springs Dental Group. The staff is great. Dr. Keen is so warm and thoughtful. My hygienist Kendra was very gentle. I am a big weenie when it comes to oral pain. No sales pitches, just necessary dentistry. LOVE THEM!
GT Williams
20:51 19 Jan 22
Highly Recommend! I haven't been to the dentist in 17 years due to trauma and South Springs Dental Group treated me like a family member, with love and care, and was able to see me in a surprisingly quick timeframe! I can't sing high enough praises for this facility! Very clean, professional, and kind!Thank you so very much!!
Kristen Arcement
17:02 13 Jan 22
SUPER friendly and SUPER professional. What more could you ask for
17:03 23 Dec 21
Dianna-lynne W. Wells
00:00 21 Dec 21
Went in for periodontal work and Dr. Michael Huber goes above and beyond with his work. Highly recommend.
Bryan Roberts
00:49 16 Dec 21
Very nice reception, courteous and friendly. Enjoyed the professional service.
Lori Breitenstein
20:25 15 Dec 21
Christy Jean
16:40 14 Dec 21
Justin Sissen
19:08 09 Dec 21
Best dental work I have ever received, even cleaned up my lazy old dentist leaving my roots in from extraction
Aquila Stephens
17:39 09 Dec 21
Anne McCarthy
22:53 08 Dec 21
Jen was very friendly, gentle, efficient and answered all my questions. A painless experience. Thank you!
Bethany Allen
13:27 30 Nov 21
I had a wonderful experience at Springs Dental.The front desk/receptionist was very pleasant and professional. The hygienist was thorough and thoughtful. Dr. Keen was informative and kind. Even though they were busy, my family and I were taking care of in in a timely manner.
Jessica Kilpatrick
15:47 25 Nov 21
Team FKM
22:10 23 Nov 21
Dr. Keen and the staff are outstanding and professional. I’ve been a client for about 3 years. Caring, professional, & efficient is how would describe Dr. Keen and her team. Where Dr. Keen goes, I go! Keep up the fantastic work.AG.
Noelle Dunnan
00:02 23 Nov 21
Bill Pearce
22:16 22 Nov 21
Dr Keen and her staff are the best
Rob J
02:04 12 Nov 21
Paula Pins
19:46 09 Nov 21
Jen the hygienist was great. My mouth felt so clean after her treatment. Thank you Jen for the excellent job.
kyreese easterling
16:20 04 Nov 21
Drew Staples
00:12 04 Nov 21
I had an excellent experience today with Dr. Keen, Lisa, and Jen. They were all super caring and professional. I usually have major anxiety about dental visits, but the staff here made me feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend South Springs Dental Group!!
Ivette Rosales
16:09 03 Nov 21
The Dr was very nice and gentle, the ladies working there make you feel super comfortable. I went there because i had a chip in my front tooth and i care very much about the appearance of my smile. The Dr was able to fix it perfectly!!! I am so glad i listened to the reviews of this place.
Leslie Tronnes
15:33 03 Nov 21
Alyssa Gillespie
00:47 03 Nov 21
Sarah Kolkow
00:27 03 Nov 21
Loved Dr. Keen and really appreciated the care and urgency with which they treated my needs. I tend 5o avoid the dentist like the plague (and pay for it dearly down the line), but I believe I'm in good hands here.
05:26 24 Aug 21
Dr. Keen and staff are remarkably kind, patient, and accommodating! My experience with south springs dental group has been nothing short of exceptional! Special shout out to Mary and Jennifer! Dr Keen, you and your staff are rock stars! Thank you!
Sharon Drummond
15:49 07 Aug 21
Immaculada Hernandez
20:17 06 Aug 21
Jessica Linder
15:56 06 Aug 21
We absolutely love this dental office! They are down to earth and welcoming. Our whole family likes going to South Springs Dental Group.
Elizabeth Allmon
15:54 06 Aug 21
Donna Sullivan
02:05 04 Jun 21
Everyone at the South Springs Dental were helpful, kind, professional, easy to talk to.I needed advise and I received honest and professional information. They will be my dentist in Colorado Springs. No matter where I live. Thank you for your help!
Cynthia Keller
23:05 25 May 21
Every visit is pleasant and professional! The staff have you feeling good even if you’re having work done. They are up front and open about what to expect with procedures and cost!! Great place!!!!
Tim Greene
15:03 20 May 21
Eric Moore
20:40 19 May 21
23:06 17 May 21
Dr. Sarah Keen and Mary were very welcoming and friendly. I was fitted for a temporary crown, and they made it as painless and comfortable as possible. Thank you Dr. Keen and Mary.
Shiel Dillahunt
15:25 17 May 21
Mary and Dr.Keen are absolutely amazing! They are thoughtful and thorough. You can tell they truly care for their patients and want to provide the best service possible. Mary even takes her care one step further but placing Vaseline on your lips. That really makes a difference. No matter the nature of the visit, I always laugh and smile while in their care.I wouldn’t want to get my mouth bones drilled by anyone else.
Patricia Sanchez
04:40 22 Apr 21
Maria Ruberio
15:52 21 Apr 21
luis sanchez
21:40 20 Apr 21
Amber Rodarte
01:04 20 Apr 21
I’ve only been going to South Springs for about a year but I wish I had been my whole life. Each visit is thorough and the staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable in their expertise. I feel comfortable and confident in their services and appreciate the time they take to make sure I’m getting the best dental hygiene care.
Cristine Olaes
18:48 19 Apr 21
From the moment I walked in to the moment I walk out was an extremely pleasant experience.They are professional, prompt, attentive to your needs, they listen!I really enjoyed my visit with Cathy the hygienist! Very knowledgeable, very gentle, super accommodating to needs and comfort. Enjoyable to conversate with! Great, great experience!!
kurt k
21:20 07 Apr 21
Tucked in the back of shopping mall I found this dental group to be responsive and have never had me wait.more than 5 minutes for an appointment. The folks there are very nice and I have found very professional. Could not be happier joining them since moving to Colorado Springs
Angela S
17:43 17 Mar 21
I LOVE this dental office. They are very through, very knowledgeable, and very affordable, if paying out of pocket.
Tomas Jaramillo
00:33 09 Mar 21
Very friendly and very helpful
Michael Burger
18:34 01 Mar 21
The staff is very friendly, personable, and professional. My cleaning and check-up were quick and thorough.
Richard Kirby
21:46 22 Feb 21
Mo Agb
00:09 19 Feb 21
Awesome provider! Great team!
Greg Koch
18:41 18 Feb 21
Rosa L Davis
17:33 17 Feb 21
First time here for huby and first visit for my two kiddos. Very patient and very helpful with my kiddos and they're 2 and 1. I was honestly losing my mind with them two.
Faith Racus
18:59 15 Feb 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!
Les Jones
22:07 06 Feb 21
Great Staff really care how you feel
Amy & José Moreno
13:36 05 Feb 21
JD Ayres
21:30 04 Feb 21
Terry Sarver
20:32 04 Feb 21
Amanda Wood
12:13 04 Feb 21
A very friendly place. All associates are caring and over all friendly. They treat you like family. They greet you and they talk to you. They get to know why you are there and how they can help. Great music does play on the overhead 😁. Over all amazing place.
Artin Terhakopian
04:50 29 Jan 21
Michael Zamarripa
01:39 28 Jan 21
Lauren Rusch
18:30 26 Jan 21
Edward Sakwe
19:35 25 Jan 21
Lindsay Kyle
18:51 21 Jan 21
kimber heida
00:21 21 Jan 21
Absolutely amazing team! I have extreme anxiety and everyone there was so nice and patient. Can’t recommend this place enough.
Linda Yost
02:10 19 Jan 21
Clean facility, lobby, restroom, individual cubicles where serviced. Staff from receptionist to Dr. Keen are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Complementary coffee, water, teas, magazines and TV in waiting room. The expertise and kindness make a trip to the dentist painless and a pleasurable.
Gwen Sellers
00:36 19 Jan 21
The staff is incredibly friendly as well as efficient. They explained possible issues and treatments clearly and never made me feel pressured. If you want an easy, friendly, and professional dental care experience, I'd highly recommend South Springs Dental
Jasmine Stevens
00:36 19 Jan 21
Hannah Bell
21:49 18 Jan 21
Gretchen Trusty
19:43 13 Jan 21
Ajia Cuevas
19:35 06 Jan 21
I visited South Springs Dental for the first time today, and all I can say is I'll definitely be going back. They saved me from a bunch of unnecessary dental procedures that my last dentist said I needed. The staff was amazing and left nothing in the dark about my teeth.
Melanie C
21:10 23 Dec 20
Danny Padilla
03:55 18 Dec 20
Great Staff that is very professional and caring
Alexis Pedro
00:37 17 Dec 20
I LOVE South Springs Dental Group! I have been going here for a little over a year now. I have gotten my wisdom teeth taken out and they have GREATLY helped with my perio pockets. Staff are so kind and never mean or aggressive which I've experienced at other dentist practices. I will continue to go here for all my dental needs!
Isamar Whitcomb
22:06 16 Dec 20
The staff is very attentive and do an amazing job at keeping my 3y/o and 1y/o comfortable when getting a check up.
Brenda Schinkel
22:35 15 Dec 20
Great, friendly staff. Easy to get appointments and quick entry to get teeth cleaned.
16:38 15 Dec 20
I have been with this dental clinic since early 2018, after we moved into the area due to military. I normally do not write reviews as they slip my mind, but I have never had an issue with this place and today after a visit with Dr. Keen I realized I should post an honest review.I normally do not like to go to the dentist. Nothing against the professionals that work there, but I truly dislike the feeling of the drill..even with numbing shots. My fear is that I won't be numbed enough when they reach the middle, so I naturally tense up at the thought of feeling anything (it has happened before due to having a higher resistance to numbing medicine) but whenever I come here, I have felt more at ease than any other dental office. Everyone is always so caring, ensuring I'm as comfortable as can be. Taking moments to check on me, asking me questions or talking to me to keep me distracted without it feeling like a distraction. Actual, caring, conversations for more than typical small talk. I feel like I'm visiting relatives or friends who genuinely care about my well being.Today I felt that feeling even more when I expressed the stresses of 2020 and how financially it has taken me down. I haven't been in because I cannot afford the cost of these darn cavities after what my insurance will cover, but I had an emergency visit and they really tried to step up in my time of need. While I could cover this visit, I genuinely appreciate the fact that someone would do something so kind for someone they hardly know. It is the little things that really get me. Let's just say I'm glad my monthly passed... or I would of walked out of there bawling my eyes out in the most positive way 😂It is unfortunate I will not be able to stay with this clinic forever (military and their constant need to move families...) because I do truly feel comfortable and at home. The visits here are no longer stressed induced dental visits.Thank you Dr. Keen. I appreciate our talks and to all the gentleman and ladies (I'm bad with names so I'm so sorry!) Thank you for your time and service!
23:58 14 Dec 20
His daughter
19:37 07 Dec 20
We are super thankful for Dr. Keen , highly recommend her. The staff is all very friendly as well. Such a pleasant environment. We also feel they care more about our dental health than how much money we spend!!!!
Btrx S
22:58 02 Dec 20
Summer Glinin
19:34 30 Nov 20
Amazing experience, this doesn’t happen normally but I had been praying for the past couple weeks over personal issues and while my dental assistant was talking to me she answered some of them and it made me so emotional to the point I started crying, she didn’t shame me or look at me weird, it wasn’t her fault at all, she smiled and made me feel so comfortable. They were also gentle with my teeth and informed me about everything I needed to know clearly. I highly recommend this dentist office.
Jonna Garcia
20:42 19 Nov 20
Heather Kozakiewicz
01:21 19 Nov 20
rebecca diercks
20:30 17 Nov 20
101linny Lindholm
20:15 16 Nov 20
Bubbie Espinoza
01:34 13 Nov 20
Everyone is friendly. They are gentle and explain everything. The dentists are knowledgeable and give preventive advise as well as fix dental problems. Great place! GreatPeople!
Charles Carney
16:33 11 Nov 20
Dr Keen and Liza was great to work with. If you would like quality friendly service go visit them at South Springs Dental Group.Thank you,Rick
14:00 11 Nov 20
Laura Small
20:34 10 Nov 20
Great customer service . Friendly staff and efficient care!
Gitti Michou
23:34 09 Nov 20
Codi Hefner
19:26 09 Nov 20
This place is literally the best dental clinic. They explain everything fully and set you up for success. I thought maybe my first visit was a fluke because I was a new patient and it was during the initial pandemic (which they are very clean about 🙌), but they are genuinely just wonderful people. I absolutely love the whole staff and they do such a great job while trying to save you a buck - all the things a great dental office should have. I want to recommend them, but don't go during November or March so I can continue scheduling my cleanings easily, thanks! 😉
Valerie Lawrence
03:26 06 Nov 20
Friendly caring professional staff
Lenore Morales
20:59 04 Nov 20
Everyone so friendly and thorough. Very safe
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