Oral Health Gift Ideas for Your Smile

December 17, 2019

clean teeth dental careIf you find yourself struggling with holiday gifts this year, we have a new category that you may not have considered: oral health gifts! We know, it can seem a little unorthodox at first. But trust us, a truly clean set of pearly whites can feel like magic!

Fresh tools for a clean smile can be a great boost as you head into the new year. If you’re still at a loss on what to purchase, we have you covered with this list of our 6 favorite oral health-related Christmas gifts.

6 Gift Ideas for Great Oral Health

1. Sugar-Free Gum ($.99 a pack): This great little gift can help fight decay! If you add chewing sugar-free gum into your already complete oral care routine, (brushing twice a day, flossing daily, bi-yearly check-ups) this can improve oral health by increasing saliva production.

2. Fancy Toothpaste ($10-$15): It’s the little things that can add joy to life! Find a toothpaste that is in a fancy package or a unique flavor for a surprisingly thoughtful gift.

3. Whitening Treatments ($30-$500): Store-bought strips or professional whitening treatments can help give your loved one a boost while heading into the new year.

4. Electric Toothbrush ($20-$200): Electric toothbrushes are great because they improve life, but they aren’t something you’d purchase for yourself. And with subscription services like Quip increasing in popularity, electric toothbrushes are certainly in-vouge.

5. oral irrigator Water Flossers ($35-$120): This is another hot gift popularized by Jonathan Van Ness on the Netflix show Queer Eye. This tool uses water pressure to floss your teeth, which makes the process a little more enjoyable for many people.

6. Dental Travel Kit ($15-$30): If you have a friend or family member who enjoys traveling, a dental travel kit can make a great gift! Purchase a nice toiletry bag and fill it with a mini toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and travel toothbrush.

And don’t forget to get yourself something nice! If you’re a new patient, you may want to take care of our offer: a free set of whitening trays with your first check-up at our office.

We are hoping that this guide inspires you to check a few names off your list. We wish you a peaceful holiday season!

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