Military Family Dental Options in Colorado Springs

July 29, 2015

A Military Couple in Colorado SpringsAs a military family, you might be used to moving around a lot, which means you are constantly switching doctors. Our office specializes in dealing with these cases, making us the perfect option for military families.

If you are a military family looking for a new dentist in the Colorado Springs area, we offer a number of services to make going to the dentist easy and comfortable. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Convenient Location. Our office is located in Colorado Springs, right next to Fort Carson (Gate 3).
  2. In-Network. Many military families have MetLife’s TRICARE coverage, which we accept in our office.
  3. Comprehensive First Visit. When you come for your first appointment, we will take care of your cleaning and any other dental issues you have within the visit. You won’t have to come more than once to have a full cleaning.
  4. All-In-One. We have a number of dental specialists under one roof, which includes general dentists, an orthodontist, an oral surgeon and more. Having all of these specialists in one place ensures you get the specialized care you need without having to go to another office.
  5. Flexible Scheduling. We offer flexible appointment schedules, which includes Saturday appointments, to better accommodate your schedule.
  6. Block Scheduling. In addition to our flexible scheduling, if you are bringing the whole family in, we can block out appointments for your entire family. We can have multiple patients in the chair at once so you’re family can make visiting the dentist as quick as possible.
  7. Kid-Friendly. Our children-friendly dentist office is accustomed to making kids comfortable during their visit. We accept children patients and we have nitrous gas available for small dental procedures.
  8. Preventative Dental Care. TRICARE values preventative care, which means children under the plan will receive discounted rates on sealant and fluoride treatments.

Not a military family? Don’t Worry! We offer the same services to all patients, and exact pricing varies by insurance. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

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