Happy World Oral Health Day!

March 17, 2017

March 20th is the first day of spring and World Oral Health Day (WOHD). The FDI World Dental Federation started observing WOHD in 2013 as a way to recognize the importance of dental health to a lifetime of vitality.

Living Mouth Smart

Living Mouth Smart means making good choices that keep your dental health in top-notch shape. Below, you will find South Spring Dental Group’s top methods for protecting your pearly whites.

1. Keep Sugary Foods to a Minimum

If you must indulge in something sweet, brush your teeth ASAP, but the best practice is to avoid sweet snacks and sugary drinks. Bacteria that causes tooth decay thrives on sugar, so a sweet diet adds fuel to the fire.

2. Expose Teeth to an Appropriate Amount of Fluoride

Sufficient fluoride intake will strengthen enamel against future acidic attacks. In children under six, it’s especially important to get the proper amount of fluoride. You need to tread carefully, since too much fluoride can be dangerous, but your dentist knows the perfect balance. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s important to see a dentist every six months.

3. See a Dentist Every Six Months

If something is wrong in your teeth, it will be obvious right? Wrong! There are a lot of dental troubles that have no symptoms, so it is crucial to see your dentist every six months to make sure everything is in shipshape. Plus, even the most skilled brusher and flosser misses spots. Once your plaque hardens, it can only be removed with special tools used by a dental professional.

4. Protect Teeth During Sports

Activities that chance blows to the head, falling, and flying equipment can be dangerous for your smile. When taking part in these sports, protect your teeth with a mouthguard.

5. Instill Habits in Children Early

Children are very impressionable. The younger you can get them excited about oral hygiene, the better. For further information on how to get your kids talking about dental health, check out our past post.

6. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a dangerous habit that can ruin several aspects of your health, including you oral health. Smokers are at a higher risk for a myriad of dental issues including oral cancer, bone loss, gum disease, and bad breath.

7. Brush Twice a Day and Floss Daily

This is the single most important step for keeping your mouth healthy! Floss your teeth every day, and brush them morning and night and you will be taking an effective preventative measure against tooth decay and gum disease.

A Healthy Smile for Life

It’s World Oral Health Day, but you want your pearly whites to last a lifetime. Employ these tips year-round and maintain a no-fuss, healthy set of chompers for years to come.