Protecting Your Children’s Teeth

February 9, 2016

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, making it the perfect time to teach your child about dental hygiene. According to the CDC, about 1 of 5 (20%) of children […]

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Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

November 9, 2015

While cosmetic dentistry is often seen as elective, in many cases a cosmetic procedure can also help you maintain your dental health. Your dentist can reshape your teeth, close spaces, […]

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Happy Orthodontic Health Awareness Month!

October 9, 2015

October is National Orthodontic Health Awareness Month! Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with teeth and jaw irregularities, like overbites and underbites. If you’ve had braces before, then […]

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Pool Water May Affect Your Smile

June 23, 2015

With summer now in full swing, you may be looking forward to spending some time in the pool. However, spending too much time in the pool could have corrosive effects […]

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Bad Habits that Ruin Your Teeth

June 10, 2015

Stop what you are doing! Did you know that some of your bad habits (which you might even be doing right now) could be ruining your dental health? Here’s a few […]

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