5 Tips for Conquering Your Fear of the Dentist

January 27, 2022

It sends chills up the spine. Just the word ‘dentist’ can evoke strong emotions of fear, apprehension, and anxiety. While these feelings are common among kids and adults alike, they don’t have to control your life – or keep you from your routine dental visits. So, how can you beat those ever-looming dental fears? Read on for five great tips for all you dental phobics out there.

dental fear

1. Find a Dentist You Trust

Feeling comfortable with your dental provider is vital at curbing any sort of dentist anxiety. While difficult to ‘dentist shop’, you can do research about dentists in your area. Check with your friends or family and ask about dentists they like and recommend. You can also search Google for dental providers in your area and read the reviews for each.

While trust is important, comfort is next on the priority list. For those who suffer from fear of the dentist, finding a provider that offers in-office comforts can help a lot. Ask the dental provider if they offer sedation options or medications that can take off the edge.

2. Bring a Friend

Doing anything alone for the first time can be difficult. When you head in for your first dental appointment, ask a friend or family member to come with you if your dental office allows (check Covid-19 protocols). Not only will you have someone to keep you company in the waiting room, but you will be less likely to think about the ‘worst-case’ dental scenarios.

3. Ask for Comfort

We already mentioned asking for sedation options, but be sure to communicate with your dentist or hygienist if you feel like you need a bit more comfort. Many offices have televisions on the wall or ceiling. Ask your provider to turn it to a funny movie, or something familiar. You can also ask for a warm blanket or bring comfort items from home – such as headphones with your favorite, relaxing music.

4. Gather Information

Knowledge is power. Ask your dentist to explain what procedures or treatments will take place during your appointment and what you can expect. Remember that a sensitive dentist and dental team will be happy to explain and educate you about anything being done. Ask questions until you feel satisfied with what they have explained.

5. Don’t Be Late

When we are in a rush, we can feel irritated, anxious, and on-edge. To avoid feeling even more anxious about your dentist appointment, make an extra effort to arrive early. This will allow you time to fill out the necessary new patient paperwork, talk with the office staff, and settle in before being called back.

Relax at South Springs

If you are afraid of the dentist, you are not alone. Between 5% and 7% of adults avoid the dentist every year just out of fear. At South Springs Dental Group, we are proud to have a team of sensitive providers who are happy to offer comfortable options to patients. Whether you need extra comfort items or more education about dental treatments, our dentists can provide you with a relaxing time . . . yes, even at the dentist. Schedule your appointment with us today and let us help you overcome your fear! New patient? We are now offering new patient exams for just $59!